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#198 – And Another Thing…

Archer Greenhalgh 200 Things about Norwich, Fun Facts & Stats 9 Comments

It has been an honor to select the 200 topics to highlight in this series over the past four years. We are grateful to the many Norwich history buffs and enthusiasts who have illuminated new facets of our institution’s story for us along the way, either by suggesting topics or writing guest posts.

Norwich’s 200-year story is vast and rich, and it’s been difficult at times to make the call of which topics will be featured. We are so excited for you to see what comes next on this platform (stay tuned!), but as a parting gift, we thought we’d pique your interest by briefly sharing some of the topics from our list that we missed the opportunity to share with you as the “200 Things” come to a close.

  • Horatio Seymour, class of 1831, governor of New York and 1868 presidential nominee
  • Norwich’s history with the Republic of China Military Academy, whose predecessor institution was founded by George Bow, class of 1914.
  • Kurtis McLean, class of 2005, professional hockey player
  • Colonel William McCollough, class of 1991, a Marine officer decorated for his leadership in the War on Terror
  • The story and evolution of the campus newspapers—the Reveille, Guidon, and Record (many of which are digitized on the NU Archives website)
  • Brent Thompson, class of 1998, and Don Brown, class of 1977, both accomplished Division I college football coaches
  • The College Television Awards (Emmys) that have been awarded to the Communications department
  • Thomas Bragg, class of 1828 or 1830, governor of North Carolina and attorney general of the Confederate States of America
  • The history of student theater groups at Norwich

Each 200 Things About Norwich piece represents a mini-research project that is undertaken using the collections of the Norwich University Archives—piecing together information from yearbooks, newspapers, reports, memos, photographs, and more. If any of the topics named above sound interesting to you, feel free to reach out and begin a research project of your own!

Comments 9

  1. Shirley J. Chapman

    Thank you to the NU researchers who made this series possible. It was fun to open my email every Monday to a new topic. I’ll miss you all.

  2. Gerard Cogliano 78

    200 Things about Norwich has been outstanding a lot of classmates wish we new this information about the school while we were their. I am always curious why information about Norwich is never on weekly news channel shows like ” Chronicle”. Thank you

  3. Thomas White

    I appreciate Norwich’s embrace of transparency, but highlighting Thomas Bragg’s work for the Confederacy is a blemish on our history and not something to be celebrated. This is not a “parting gift”, but something that should cause reflection.

  4. Bob Hillier

    How you left out Bob Hope (our commencement speaker for the Class of 1975) is beyond comprehension. The countless hours of entertainment he provided for our troops (many of them Norwich grads) during numerous wars speaks for itself. I’m not sure how topics were chosen but, not including an icon like Mr. Hope in your “Top 200”, was a very big miss.

  5. Steve Benson NU '75

    I did not recall seeing any readings identifying where Norwich is actually ranked as “one of the oldest universities in America”. I did a little internet research and found this site: ranking the oldest colleges in America. When you open it up you’ll see that there are no numbers sorting these colleges by oldest so you have to count down starting at no.1 Harvard. To find the year established, you need to click on each college individually. When you do this, Norwich is tied at no. 58 with 5 other universities (it is actually no. 61 on the list) that were founded in 1819 (U. of Cincinnati, Colgate, U. of Virginia, Maryville College, and Centre College). I could not find any other research to corroborate this finding.

    The following is part of any email I sent to my classmates last fall to promote this years 200th anniversary:
    “As you well know (from your cadet “Rook” book readings back in the day), Norwich University was founded in 1819. Of the over 2,400, 4-year colleges and universities in the United States today, Norwich now ranks in the “Top 60” that are 200 years old or older. This is truly an amazing accomplishment for our very own “Queen of the Hills”.”

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