#15 Alden Partridge:
The first extreme hiker

Bicentennial Admin 200 Things about Norwich, Leaders & Legacy

Alden Partridge had an astounding idea: He would hike two of Vermont’s highest peaks, Mount Mansfield and Camel’s Hump. That might not sound like such a revolutionary notion to us. After all, thousands of people hike those mountains each year. But this was 1818, a time when hiking wasn’t exactly a popular sport. Just saying you wanted to climb a …

#14 Luther Swift Dixon

Bicentennial Admin 200 Things about Norwich, Leaders & Legacy

Ever since the signing of the US Constitution in 1787, the issue of states’ rights versus those of the federal government have been debated. In 1859, Luther Swift Dixon, Norwich class of 1847, became Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court and took on the hotly contested Fugitive Slave Act and the right of states to overrule the federal government. …

#13 The College Cavaliers

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In October 1862, twenty-three Norwich cadets returned to campus from a stretch in the Civil War with an amazing story to tell. They had been part of “the College Cavaliers”, a Union cavalry unit made up of college students primarily from Dartmouth and Norwich. They had signed up for a three-month enlistment, and during that time participated in a daring …