#70 Regimental Ball, Past and Present

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The first Regimental Ball was held in March of 1960 (the event was moved to the fall in 1964 to spread it out from Winter Carnival and Junior Ring Weekend). Coverage in the Guidon declared the first ball a great success. Miss Marilyn Adams of Colby Junior College (now Colby-Sawyer College) was crowned Queen, and over 900 attendees from Norwich and surrounding colleges danced the night away in Plumley Armory.

The election of a queen is a tradition that went by the wayside in the 1990s. Before Norwich went coed, the attendance of women from nearby colleges was so integral to Regimental Ball that there was upheaval in 1969 when the ball was scheduled for the same weekend as a UVM mixer to which the Vermont College women were invited.

74-photo-regimental_ball_1963At its core, the ball has always been, and remains, an opportunity to introduce students to the protocols of a formal military ball. The first few balls were sponsored by the Norwich chapter of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA). The formal dinner and receiving line are still key features of the evening, along with military demonstrations by Mountain and Cold Weather Company and Drill Team. In the past, visiting cadets from other military colleges were invited to attend.

Though it has evolved over the years, Regimental Ball remains a testament to the core values and the pride that Norwich students have in their experience as military cadets.


Photographs, newspaper articles, programs, and other information about past Regimental Balls can be found in the Norwich University Archives.