The Bicentennial Stairs

Rendering of Bicentennial Stairs near the Class of 1959 BridgeOne of the most lasting landmarks of Norwich University’s Centennial Celebration in 1919 is the Centennial Stairs. Located at the northeast corner of the Upper Parade ground, each of the 40 granite steps bears the name of an individual considered important in Norwich’s first 100 years.

In commemoration of Norwich’s Bicentennial in 2019, a stairway constructed between the southeast corner of the Upper Parade and the Sullivan Museum and History Center memorializes 78 individuals who made significant contributions to the development and legacy of the University in its second century.

Norwich’s leaders, distinguished alumni and others from military and civilian careers and those who represent “firsts” at Norwich are represented on these monuments. They serve as a tribute and daily reminder of those who personify Capt. Partridge’s ideals and exemplify Norwich’s mission “to make moral, patriotic, effective and useful citizens.”

Honoree Class Year
Charles Dole 1869 Trustee; President
Charles H. Spooner 1878 President
Ernest W. Gibson Sr. 1894 Trustee; U.S. Senator
Charles A. Plumley 1896 President; U.S Congressman
Hiram I. Bearss 1898 Medal of Honor recipient
Harry W. Patterson 1909, H 1944 Trustee; Benefactor
William B. Mayo H 1910 Trustee
Leonard F. Wing Sr. 1914, H 1938, H 1946 Trustee; Major General, USA
Edward H. Brooks 1916, H 1949 Lieutenant General, USA
Ernest N. Harmon 1916, H 1931, H 1965 President; Major General, USA
William G. Wilson 1918, H 1995 Cofounder Alcoholics Anonymous
Harold D. Martin 1920 First African-American student
William H. Adams 1921, H 1953 Trustee; Board Chairman
David B. Hollis 1922, H 1980 Benefactor
Isaac D. White 1922, H 1951 Trustee; General, USA
Ernest W. Gibson Jr. 1923 Trustee; U.S. Senator
Stanley C. Wilson H 1928 Trustee; Board Chairman; Governor of Vermont
J. Walter Juckett 1930, H 1962 Trustee; Benefactor
Paul R. Andrews 1930, H 1966 Trustee; Benefactor
Godfrey L. Cabot H 1935 Trustee; Benefactor
Jacob Shapiro 1936, H 1966 Trustee; Benefactor
James M. Burt 1939, H 1969 Medal of Honor recipient
Charles S. Adams 1940, H 1989 Trustee; Board Chairman
Jonas M. Platt 1940, H 1982 Trustee; Major General, USMC
George A. Garrison 1942 Trustee; Volunteer
Philip R. Marsilius 1943, H 1968 Trustee; Board Chairman
Robert W. Christie 1944, H 1972 Trustee; Volunteer
William W. White 1946, H 1961 Trustee; Benefactor
Thaddeus Buczko 1947, H 1996 Benefactor
Richard L. Keenan 1947, H 1999 Trustee; Benefactor
J. Frederick Weintz Jr. 1947, H 2001 Trustee; Benefactor
Rollin S. Reiter 1950, H 1990 Trustee; Board Chairman
W. Russell Todd 1950, H 1975 President; Major General, USA
Robert S. Lappin 1951, H 2000 Trustee; Volunteer
A. J. Bartoletto 1952, H 2009 Benefactor
David C. Crawford 1952, H 1993 Trustee; Benefactor
James C. Abare 1957 Trustee; Benefactor
Fred C. Kreitzberg 1957, H 1994 Trustee; Board Chairman; Benefactor
Frederick M. Haynes 1958, H 2002 Trustee; Benefactor
Paul J. Carrara 1959, H 2018 Trustee; Benefactor
Mark M. Kisiel 1959, H 2017 Trustee; Benefactor
Pierson G. Mapes 1959, H 1990 Trustee; Benefactor
Gordon R. Sullivan 1959, H 1990 Trustee; Board Chairman; General, USA
Reinhard M. Lotz 1960 Trustee; Volunteer
Dominic W. Ruggerio 1961 Trustee; Volunteer
Carl N. Guerreri 1962 Trustee; Benefactor
Charn Boonpraserth 1964 First Thai student; General, RTA
Francis X. Brennan 1964 Soldier
Robert B. Mack 1964, H 2006 Trustee; Benefactor
E. Tarry Polidor 1964, H 2005 Trustee; Benefactor
Peter L. Dalrymple 1965 Trustee; Benefactor
George F. Giering III 1965 Trustee; Volunteer
Joel A. Kobert 1965 Trustee; Benefactor
Joseph A. Milano Jr. 1966, H 2003 Trustee; Benefactor
William E. McIntosh 1967 Trustee; Volunteer
Charles A. Holden Jr. 1967 Trustee; Volunteer
Harvey C. DeMovick Jr. 1968 Trustee; Benefactor
William M. Lasky 1969 Trustee; Benefactor
George K. Wanat Jr. 1969 Soldier
Kevin D. Crowley 1970 Volunteer; Benefactor
Douglas M. McCracken 1970 Trustee; Benefactor
Boonsrang Niumpradit 1970 Supreme Commander of the Royal Thai Armed Forces
Loring E. Hart H 1982 President
Philip L. Soucy 1973 Trustee; Benefactor
Alan F. DeForest 1975 Trustee; Board Chairman
J. Craig Koziol 1976 Trustee; Lieutenant General, USAF
Roberta J. Haney 1979 Trustee; Benefactor
Mark D. Thompson 1979 Trustee; Benefactor
Lawrence P. Costa 1980 Trustee; Benefactor
David E. Quantock 1980 Lieutenant General, USA
John J. Broadmeadow 1983 Lieutenant General, USMC
Kimberly A. Baumann 1987 First female general officer
Cedric D. George 1987 First African-American cadet colonel; Major General, USAF
Tracey L. Poirier 1996 Rhodes Scholar
Sarah S. Cipov 1998 First female cadet colonel
Jennifer N. Pritzker H 2007 Trustee; Benefactor
Edward C. Byers Jr. Student Medal of Honor recipient
Richard W. Schneider President; Rear Admiral, USCGR

Honorees whose class year include “H” indicate receipt of an honorary degree.